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"Good order is the foundation of all things."  

- Edmund Burke
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"1999-2014: Celebrating 15 years in business!"
Welcome to Keep It Organized, LLC - your place for organizing your home, office or life!
A professional organizer since 1999, I've been helping clients like yourself, clear the
clutter, organize their homes, offices, and simplify their lives.

As a certified professional organizer serving Buffalo, Amherst and WNY, I can help you
keep it organized!

If your home or office is frustrating, overwhelming, chaotic or just not "working" very well, it
doesn't have to be that way.

If you're ready for a change and wish to know what you have, and where it's located, then
it's time to speak to Linda Birkinbine.  Keep It Organized, LLC will guide you through the
organizing process.
Organizing is a Process....

1.  Listening and learning about you and your situation.
2.  Planning to make your organizing vision & goals a reality.
3.  Sorting your papers & positions.
4.  Deciding what to do with "stuff" you no longer use, want or need.
5.  Eliminating the "stuff" from your home or office.
6.  Designating "homes" for papers & possessions you decide to keep.
7.  Suggesting and/or shopping for storage solutions.
8.  Labeling so you can find things easily.
9.  Sustaining order through follow-up organizing sessions.

Contact Linda Birkinbine:                                                             (716) 472 - 6093

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